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At Sorto, your reliable pallet supplier, we are revolutionizing Global Pallet Logistics by Empowering Movement One Pallet at a Time.


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Count on our support to stay in control of it all.

You can rely on our friendly and all-encompassing Support services to find your ideal custom pallet solutions. We can help you stay informed and in control throughout the process.

What you need

Wooden Pallets made easy—New, recycled, custom, repairs & expert advice.

When you need it

On-time Pallet Delivery Services, Customer Support, Safe Transportation

Where you need it

On-site delivery of your Bulk Pallet Orders quickly & easily

We provide the 2 types.

Pallets-grade A

Grade A Pallets are considered #1 in the market. They are High-Quality Pallets, with a fresh new look of polished wood.

Pallets-grade B

Grade B pallets are Eco-Friendly Pallets, still durable, after multiple repairs with extra wood, which is visible. These are Wholesale Pallets and they are far more economical for the customer.


Pallets Repaired


Pallets Recycled

Innovative Pallet Manufacturing

Looking for Pallets in Texas? Contact us today to get expert advice on our Industrial Pallets. We are more than willing to help you find the perfect pallet package for your needs!

Elevating Pallet Recycling to New Heights

We have 1,999,999+ Sustainable Pallets recycled and repaired, and we're stil counting!

Leading Pallet Supplier in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

Sorto Pallet has been established in 2006, and since then, we have become the Top Pallet Supplier for Dallas Fort Worth Pallets. We always work hard to be a local inspiration, showcasing our Quality Pallet Repair Services in the industry across the country.


On-time delivery


Servicing locations

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First when you GET TO Sorto Pallet, PARK on the gravel lot on the NORTH side of building. If you're selling send a picture that represents the type and condition of the pallets you have before you go there. I was left with near 100 european pallets and a pickup getting closer.
Happy Sorto Customer
They always deliver on time! Great customer service from Sorto Pallet and outstanding quality on their products. Greatly recommended.
Happy Sorto Customer
Great quality pallets!!

Fairly Prices.Kevin is a really professional person super nice.always delivering on time.

I recommend to buy pallets from him.
Happy Sorto Customer
The pallets are in good shape. Kevin provides great customer service.
Prakhar Jain
Happy Sorto Pallet
Great people! Pallets are priced fairly and are well constructed. They deliver too!
Malcolm Hoover
Happy Sorto Customer